Honda's CX and GL 500/650 motorcycles

"First into the future". A forward-looking, outside-the-square motorcycle which was a hit in the late '70s and very early '80s. Later models went as far to include turbochargers. Scroll down for info on these bikes!

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Honda's CX500, GL500, CX650 and GL650

The Honda CX500 was designed in the 1970s and were sold up until the mid 1980s in various forms around the world. It's tagline from Honda was "First Into The Future", and it was Honda's first V-twin motorcycle. It was also the first production motorcycle in the world to utilise tubeless tyres. Through it's half-decade run the CX range grew to include cruiser-styled Custom models, the GL500/650 Silverwing tourer-oriented models and even a pair of turbocharged performance bikes.

For the model history, prototype information and variant differences see this page:

Model Information, Differences, Variants

For the specs, click on the link for the new spec sheet below:

Honda CX and GL Specifications - Sortable By Model

Wondering how to build a high performance CX/GL? See our performance guide here.

For the old spec sheets: CX500 and CX500 Turbo Specs, GL500 Specs, CX650 Specs, GL650 Specs

Engine and frame serial numbers - CX400 and CX500, GL400 and GL500, CX650 and GL650.

For the master build list of customised cafe racers, bobbers, brats and more: CX500 Master Build List

Troubleshooting your Honda CX/GL

Engine-related articles

General CX/GL Info

Chassis, Suspension etc.

Electrical and Ignition

Turbo Stuff


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