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Honda Gasket Templates - CX400, GL400, CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650, GL700

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Wanting to make your own gaskets for your Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650, GL700, CX400 or GL400? Here are the templates of all of the gaskets (except the head gasket, which almost nobody is going to DIY at home). I have successfully used this gasket material for all of the CX gaskets with no issues - see eBay US, eBay AU, eBay UK, eBay CA. It's the correct thickness for the rear cover gasket.

I will be doing an article hopefully soon on how I put these through the computer and how I automate the cutting.

The files below include an original scan, followed by the same file converted to black and white. Then there's an EPS and an AI file, which should allow you to export out to whatever other file format you like since they're vectorised. If there's a particular file format that's in demand let me know and I will add it.

To print these to size, try the EPS files and print at 100% scale.

If you try these and they don't work, please let me know via the contact page! There's no point in having these up if they don't work for people, and while they "just work" on my equipment they may not for someone else so I'd like to cover all bases if possible.


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