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Rob Davis ran a CX info website for some years, but left the CX scene in 2017. Here's his website - if you have anything to add please drop me a line via the contact page. You can find Rob's current site here: 'Deauville'

Rob and his CX500 'Valiant' in January 2016. This bike is now sold.



Trev was my friend. I cannot imagine any situation where he would have let a friend down or refused any appeal for help. I cannot imagine any situation where he would have acted except with honour, integrity and comradeship.

I rode many miles with him; his roadcraft and riding skill were top class. I saw him deal fluently with 'tricky situations', and I never once saw him make a mistake.

If Trev had asked me to ride with him through the Gates of Hell, I'd have jumped at the chance, and called it a privilege.

Here is a x10 timelapse video of us stripping my CX500 ready for a rebuild, March 2006.









Successful Motorcycle Touring : How to Do It

DiY Servicing and Help Pages

The CDI-ignition CX400 / GL400 is serviced as per the CX500 Z, A, B, C or GL500. Versions with transistorised ignition are serviced as per the Eurosport CX500EC.

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions - Technical Quick Reference Sheet - Which CX/GL Do I Have?

Buying Tips - Model History - Good and Bad Points - My CX Won't Go

Oil and Filter Change - MoT Test - Exploded Diagrams

Tappets and Cam Chain Service - Tacho Cable

Removing the Radiator - Removing the Rear Wheel - Spark Plugs - Stator

Balancing the Carburettors - Removing the Carburettors

Removing the Centre Stand - Clutch - Compression Test - Connecting Rods

Rear Hub Drive- Removing the Engine - Frame - Front Fork Seals

Headlamp Interior - Mechanical Seal - Camchain Parts

Oil Pump - Interchangeability - Decoke - Disaster Zone

CX in the Movies - Polishing the Aluminium - The Hanover Express

Links to other recommended Honda CX500 / GL500 / CX650 / GL650 sites
UK CX-GL Owners' Club Website and Message Board
The Australian CX500 / GL500 / CX650 / GL650 Register and Bulletin Board
Down Under
EBAY UK, US, Germany
Paste (cx500, cx 500, gl500, gl 500, cx650, cx 650, gl650, gl 650, cx400, cx 400, gl400, gl 400, gl700, gl 700) -hitachi -epson -fishing -cruciform -casio -decker ino the Ebay search box and then add the resultant page to your Favourites or Bookmarks
CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650, CX400, GL400, GL700 items on UK Ebay.


CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650, CX400, GL400, GL700 items on USA Ebay Motors (beware shipping costs, and you may have import duties as well. Have the sender describe the goods as 'scrap parts of no commercial value').
Ebay Motors USA

CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650, CX400, GL400, GL700 items on Ebay Germany (translate carefully, and make sure the seller will ship to the UK)

Some useful words : Bremsbeläge = brake shoes / hinten = rear / Drehzahlmesserwelle = speedo cable / gut = good / sehr = very / Regler = regulator-rectifier / rot = red / Lichtmaschine = stator / Anlasserrelais = starter solenoid / Nockenwelle = camshaft / Kupplung = clutch / deckel = cover / Sicherrungskasten = fusebox / Krümmerhalterungen = exhaust flanges / Heckfender = rear mudguard / Rück = rear / licht = light / neu = new / Seitendeckel = side panel / vergaser = carburettors / sitzbankbugel = grab rail / kühler = radiator / (hinter) rad = (rear) wheel / rahmen = frame / hauptständer = main (centre) stand / Lenker = handlebars / Fussbremshebel = footbrake pedal

Will you post this to England and how much will this cost? Könnten Sie die Teile nach England verschicken und wieviel würde das kosten ? Would you please contact me if the article does not sell? Könnten Sie mich bitten kontaktieren, wenn das Teil nicht verkauft wurde. Danke I have received the article safely, many thanks. Ich habe den Artikel erhalten. Vielen Dank. I have not received the article, please tell me when it was sent. Ich habe den Artikel nicht erhalten. Wann haben Sie die Sendung verschickt. Item as described, no problems, would buy again. Ware wie beschrieben, schnell und gut, gerne wieder.

German Ebay

It's been my experience that German sellers are reluctant to take PayPal. As a bank draft or electronic transfer will probably cost more than the item, I've had no choice but to send cash in Euros for my purchases.

This has been a gamble but has worked fine on all occasions.

Wemoto in Hove, Sussex, sell may useful CX and GL parts including indicators for ZABs which are almost indistinguishable from OEM.
John Oldfield spares - I've had good service from them
John Oldfield
Carole Nash Motor Cycle Insurance (UK only). Expensive, includes UK / European breakdown cover. No NCD on Classic insurance, and tends to go up steadily every year.
Carole Nash
Footman James Motor Cycle Insurance (UK only). Also covers you for UK / European riding and breakdown.
Footman James
David Silver spares and replacements. Most efficient service, a trifle pricy, but recommended.
David Silver
Dutch CX Club.
Dutch CX Club