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Honda CX650 Custom, CX650E Eurosport and CX650T Turbo Serial Numbers

Wondering where to find your engine serial number? Find out here.

Year Model Country First Frame Serial Last Frame Serial First Engine Serial Last Engine Serial
1983 CX650 Custom Unspecified JH2RC110*DM000001 ? RC11E-200001 ?
1983 CX650E Canada RC120*DM000013 ? RC12E-2000014 ?
1984 CX650E Canada RC120*EM00000? ? ? ?
1983 CX650E Germany, 27ps RC12-3000002 ? RC10E-3000004 ?
1983 CX650E European Direct RC12-2000009 ? RC10E-2002024 ?
1983 CX650E Unspecified (WSM Add.) RC12-2000009 ? RC10E-2002024 ?
1983 CX650 Turbo Unspecified JH2RC160*DM000024 ? RC16E-2000001 RC16E-2001799 (approx.)

Honda GL650, GL650 Interstate and GL700 Serial Numbers

Year Model Frame Serial Began With Engine Serial Began With
1983 GL650 SilverWing JH2RC100*DM000004 ?
1983 GL650I SilverWing Interstate JH2RC101*DM000015 ?
1983 GL700I RC10-1000001 RC10E-1000001

All of the above bikes have a Pro-Link single rear shock suspension setup with the exception of the 650 Custom:

Here's an example of the rear suspension setup found on all of the Honda CX650 and GL650 variants except for the CX650 Custom.

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