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Which replacement radiator cap to use and where to find it? Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650, Turbos

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Here are some brands and part numbers for the Honda CX500, GL500, CX650 or GL650's radiator cap. It's a recovery-type cap - there's an expansion tank behind the motor that the coolant flows into when it expands and it's retrieved as the bike cools down, and the recovery caps allow this to happen. Turbo owners should look in the next section of the page.

Manufacturer Part No. Sources Pressure Notes
CPC 543-13 eBay AU 13psi Made in Australia
Halfords HRC608 ? UK
Repco RC50-13 Repco stores ? Australia
Honda 19045-PA0-014 ? Superseded part no.
Honda 19045-634-003 ? Superseded part no.
Honda 19045-449-770 ? Superseded part no.
Honda 19045-692-003 ? Current part number

Honda CX500 Turbo and CX650 Turbo Radiator Cap Alternatives and Sources

Here's some notes for the Turbo owners as to which radiator caps have been found to work and where to find them.

Manufacturer Part No. Pressure Notes
Stant 10229 eBay US, Amazon 13psi CX500T
Napa 703-1445 eBay US 13psi CX500T
Sankei KH-C13 ? 88kpa, 0.9kg/cm³ CX500T
Honda 19045-MC7-003 Not readily available. CX500 Turbo
Honda 19045-MG9-003 Not readily available. CX650 Turbo

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