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Radiator hose alternative sources - Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650

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Upper and lower radiator hose sources - Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650

Upper radiator hose length for GL500, CX500E, CX400E, CX650E and C and GL650 is ~110mm and is a straight section:

Here's an example of the upper radiator hose size and shape for the Honda GL500, GL650, GL650I, CX650C and CX650E motorcycles as shown on

The CX and GL/650 radiator hoses differ slightly (the thermostat pipe exits at a different angle so one is straight and one isn't quite) - any notes regarding which of these part numbers work better for one or the other would be welcome.

Manufacturer Part Number Sources Notes
Mackay CH1627 eBay AU Heater hose. Makes 2 bottom, one top
Repco 02‑1017 Repco store (AU)
Gates 02‑1017
(was 05‑0788)
eBay AU
Dayco B71409 eBay US
Dayco 71409 eBay US Seems to be the same as the B71409 (B for Bypass?) but returns some different sellers
Gates 19885 Amazon, eBay US Long - should make two sets
Napa 11644 eBay US Tight but fits. Two sets worth for a single-spine CX
Dayco 86053 eBay US, Amazon
Gates 28475 eBay US, eBay AU, Amazon One upper, one lower
Gates 19670 eBay US, Amazon One lower

Coolant bypass and overflow cooling hose sources - Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650

Info to come.

Alternative Radiator Hose Replacement Sources for Honda CX500 Turbo, CX650 Turbo

Location Manufacturer Part Number Sources Notes
CX500T Upper radiator hose NAPA 8136 eBay US 1.030" ID
CX500T Lower radiator hose NAPA 8230 eBay US 0.968" ID
CX500T Water Pump Outlet hose NAPA 8722 eBay US
CX500T Thermostat Cross-Head hose Gates 19867 eBay US, Amazon 0.88" ID

Thermostat cross-head hose - 0.88" ID, should be able to be cut to fit.

Clamps - 9mm stainless clamps fit where the OEM 8mm clamps are relatively hard to find.

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