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Compatible and Alternative Thermostats - Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650, Turbos

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Looking for a new thermostat? Here's a few that have been shown to work for all CX500, CX650, GL500 and GL650s except the Turbos. Don't forget the thermostat O-ring - part number 91302-657-000 for all of the above models - available from eBay US.

Here's a list of compatible replacement thermostats for the Honda CX500, GL500, CX650 and GL650 motorcycles.

Maker Part Number or Model Temperature Rating Link to Purchase Notes
Honda 19300-611-005 ? eBay
Stant 13958 180F/82C eBay US, Amazon
Dayco DT15A-BP ? eBay AU 91°C? DT15C 71deg C? - One report of being too tall
Dayco DT15A 82° C eBay AU 52mm across, 40mm total height, 21mm lower height - One report of being too tall
Autozone Duralast 15868 82° C Autozone stores, sometimes eBay US
Halfords HTK605 ? UK
Falcon FTH115K ? UK

Some riders have reported success with the Napa 535080, others say it is too tall to fit. YMMV. The thermostat is supposed to be the same as one for a couple of Honda cars - the 1973-1979 Civic (1200) and the 1976-1979 Accord. We'll try to find out whether that was the only thermostat used for those cars for those years (different engine options? Unsure).

Honda CX500 Turbo and CX650 Turbo Thermostat Alternatives and Sources

Offset type with jiggle pin. Neck/seat 38mm diameter, ID 57.5mm, tangs 5mm each. 0.9bar or 13psi.

Don't forget the thermostat O-ring - part number 91302-657-000 for both Turbo models - available from eBay US.

Maker Part Number or Model Sources Temperature Notes
Honda 19300-679-003
19320-679-F00 ?
19320-679-000 ?
Stant 13868 eBay US, Amazon 180F
Napa 101 eBay US 180F
Car Quest 32438 eBay US 180F

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