Camshaft and Cam Chain - CX500, CX650, GL500 and GL650

Need to know more about the camshaft or cam chain on your Honda CX500, GL500, CX650 or GL650? Check out our articles below!

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The camshaft sits above the crankshaft, driven by a chain from the crank. The 22 degree twist of the cylinders prevents a standard overhead cam design, so the twisted twins use a pushrod setup.

The camshaft is actually a two-piece unit which is an interference fit - the water pump end piece is separate to the rest. We'll see if we can get one apart to show this.

The camshaft looks like this on a CX500 and GL500: Here's a photo of a camshaft from a Honda CX500 or GL500 motorcycle. ...and the 650s look like this: Here's a photo of the Honda CX650 and GL650 camshaft.

We don't have a photo of a removed Turbo camshaft but here's one of the end of an installed unit (thanks Joe!) - it's notably different!

Here's a photo of the camshaft from a Honda CX500 Turbo motorcycle.

Here's an infopic showing the various aspects of the camshaft for a CX500 and GL500

Camshaft part numbers

Click here for a list of the camshaft part numbers for the CX and GL models.

Camshaft removal

Info to come.

Camshaft damage

Cam Chain

The cam chain is something rather a lot of CX500 owners are familiar with - it's one area where attention is required to prevent major engine damage. As a point of curiosity as the cam chain wears the ignition timing is retarded slightly.

Here's a photo of the cam chain and sprocket on a Honda CX500, GL500, CX650 or GL650 motorcycle.

Recall for 1978 motors

The early 1978 motors had a recall due to a fault regarding a cam chain guide bolt backing out - for more information see this page.

Lower rocker arms or followers

Photo of the camshaft lower rocker arm and followers on the Honda CX and GL motorcycles

Cam timing or Valve Timing

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