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Disassembling the rear master cylinder - Honda CX500 Sports, CX650ED Eurosport, CX500 Turbo, CX650 Turbo - Alternative Version

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Here's a few photos from one of the other master cylinders we have - in rather less good condition than the one used for the other writeup.

Taking a wider view:

This one came with a bonus bit that our other one lacked; the little metal tab that sits between the banjo and the master cylinder assembly:

The paint sure has seen better days:

Removing the reservoir tube showed that it was gunked up pretty well inside:

It also disgorged chunks like this:


The paint came off with literally moments of rubbing with a scourer:

The O-ring was a sticky mess:

Pulling back the rubber boot...

...showed it was full of rubbish:

This isn't looking promising:

Yep, even after using penetrant:

...we snapped a pair of circlip pliers trying to free the circlip:

After many more hours of soaking in penetrant then having a run through an ultrasonic cleaner, the circlip was freed to reveal:

Under the rubber boot lurked a fair bit of sticky mess:

It came off with a pick readily:

The mess inside was an interesting colour when you poked it with the pick, too:

The piston was stuck in the bore, so more penetrant and time in the ultrasonic cleaner ensued:

We'll be interested to see whether this one ends up being usable. To to back to the regular rebuild guide, pick it up at part one or part two.

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