Honda CX and GL Electrical, Switchgear, Bars and Gauges

Looking for information on the electrical system, switchgear, handlebars or gauges for your Honda CX or GL V-twin? Check out our articles below!

CMS-Japanese Motorcycle Supply Parts

General Electrical

The CX and GL range have a 12V electrical system.



Here's an example photo of the glass fuses which came with the Honda CX and GL motorcycles.


This section will go elsewhere, but for now... here it lives.

Ignition Switch


The regulator/rectifier takes the power coming from the stator and turns it into usable power for the bike. It also controls the charging of the battery. They're generally quite reliable in the CX/GL range.

Starter disconnect switch/neutral switch/starter circuit


Examples of electrical issues


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CMS-Japanese Motorcycle Supply Parts