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Which regulator rectifier to use with a lithium battery?

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A longer description of why a MOSFET regulator/rectifier is important with the newer style of batteries is going to be added here but in the meantime here's some suggestions as to which ones will reduce your chance of damaging your expensive new battery...

There is a Shindengen regulator rectifier that is often recommended as being able to reduce the chance of overcharging - the FH020AA (eBay US, eBay AU).

Murray buys his from Roadster Cycle. As they point out... you can't buy a genuine MOSFET R/R for $50US.

Note - some of the cheaper "replacement for MOSFET" reg/recs on eBay don't actually seem to be the better design - I have queried several sellers as to whether they are the new or older design of reg/rec and none will confirm that they are MOSFET, just that they "fit and replace" a broken one. Caveat emptor.

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