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Testing an Ignitech unit - Honda CX500

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We're looking for info as to how to test the functionality of the Ignitech units; they don't seem to fail often, but there have been a few reports.

While we can test the CDI system's output reasonably well using a standard multimeter the same can't be said of the Ignitech units; as per Jiri Krejzl of Ignitech:

There is very short pulse with peak -320 V. This is not possible read on standard voltmeter.

We'll update this page when we have more information about what we can do to test them. At the moment it looks like the most straightforward way is to install the Ignitech software and use a serial cable/port or serial->USB adapter to connect it to a computer and see what the software readout says... we will write up a tutorial on that when we are able.

You can download the DCCDIP2 software (currently dccdip2.exe at time of writing) from Ignitech via this link.

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