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How to remove the engine from the frame - Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650

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Here's a list of things we like to check before removing the motor from the frame.

As a general tip - get a box of ziplock bags and a permanent market and bag/tag everything that you take off. Don't think that you'll remember - before you know it your rebuild has been put off for several months and you don't want to have to wonder which thing came from where.

Photographs help a LOT in this regard - just phone photos are more than enough, and document each and every step even if it seems obvious. Wire routing and which way around things went is never easy to remember, so take lots and lots of photos.

Note that you don't have to remove the radiator before taking the motor out of the frame but if you are planning on taking it off anyway it's one less thing to damage (think the motor tipping forward and the radiator hitting the front wheel etc).

Make sure that the bike is secured - preferably on the center stand, which you can tie back so that it cannot be accidentally lifted up during the procedure. You don't want to knock it and have it fall on you.

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