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Honda CX500: How to remove the stock Keihin carburetor float bowls to inspect + clean

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There are any number of reasons you may need to remove the float bowls from your carburetors to inspect them; your engine may be running rough, you might have fuel overflowing from your carbs or perhaps it's just time for a routine check. The float bowls hold a small amount of fuel each, which the jets typically sit in and draw their fuel from. They're a common place for sediment to build up - whether it's dirt or debris from the fuel, rust from the fuel tank or anything else which happens to be passing by. The height of the fuel in the float chambers is critical for the carbs to function properly, and debris can prevent the floats from reaching or staying at the correct level - resulting in fuel starvation or flooding.

To remove them you simply need a screwdriver; since they may still have some fuel inside eye and hand protection is a good idea. (Article on draining the bowls is missing, will be re-uploaded...) Carb cleaning is also extremely caustic, so please ensure that you read the instructions and wear adequate protective gear. Also, don't get it on paintwork! This isn't a guide for major cleaning - if you have serious varnishing or caked on debris/rust you may need more oomph to clean than a spray cleaner and a toothbrush, so if that's what you find it might be time to look at soaking them or an ultrasonic cleaner... but that's another post.

As one might expect, the bowls are at the bottom of the carbs:


Looking at the carb on the right in this photo, we can zoom in on the underside of the float bowl:


Three screws hold it in, highlighted:


Undo these evenly across all three, a little bit at a time - don't take one out the whole way then the next. They're not particularly long screws - this one is just about out:


Once the screws are undone, the float bowl simply lifts away from the body of the carbs:


A bit of gunk in there;


If we look back at the carbs, we can now see the orange floats and two jets:


So, grab your carb cleaner of choice:


...and a toothbrush:


Spray out what debris you can and give anything stubborn a working-over with the toothbrush. The debris above only took a quick blast and was mostly gone:


Also check the floats for attached debris; they look pretty clean here: cx500-keihin-carbs-carburetors-how-to-remove-float-bowl-and-clean-inspect-jet-sizes-11

Re-installation is as simple as sliding the bowl back into place and screwing the three screws back in - in stages, remember. And you're done!

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