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How to remove the final drive unit - Honda CX500, GL500

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This process should be very similar between the CX500 and GL500, except that the GL500 lacks the mount for the rear shock as it's a monoshock design.

This assumes that you have already removed the rear wheel - if you haven't already click here to read the rear wheel removal how-to.

On the right hand side, loosen and remove the nut over the shock mount (not applicable to GL500):

The shock and final drive should stay in place without the nut attached. Now, take a look at the three nuts where the swingarm meets the final drive unit. The underside nut is probably covered in road crud - this photo is taken from the inside of the frame, looking back towards the final drive:

Give them a clean before you try to remove them, as it's a whole lot easier to remove clean nuts you can get a good grip on with the socket. The swingarm may get in the way of your wrench, so a knuckle or short extension can help:

This should leave you with four nuts removed in total;

Supporting the final drive, slide it backward:

Tilt it inward slightly and push the shock off it's peg:

Now the final drive unit should be free!

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