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Mikuni VM34 Float Bowl Cleaning - Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650

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Fuel pouring out your overflow tubes when the bike is stopped? It's worth checking your float bowls for debris and giving them a good clean. More photos of this process to come; here's the basic outline:

This job is quick and easy with these carbs. It will be easier if you run the bike with the petcock off until the carbs run dry; that way you won't have fuel spill out when you take off the float bowls. You don't need to remove the carbs from the bike, just loosen the clamp on the intake:

Twist the carbs so that the bottom is facing outward, and you will see four screws:

Undo them; one of them has a little metal holder for one of the drain tubes, don't lose it:

The float bowl will drop away:

One of the two carbs here weren't drained, and you can see the small rust particles that made their way past the fuel filter to gum up the carbs:

Remove the floats and give the floats and the bowl a good clean with carb cleaner to remove all of the debris.

The floats go with the indent towards the center, as in the above photo.

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