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Final drive compatibility - Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650, Turbos

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Wondering which final drives (often called differentials) you can use to replace the one on your Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650, GL700, Turbo or 400cc variant? Here's the down low.

If you don't care to browse the table below (TL;DR) in a nutshell you can use any of 3-bolt final drives interchangeably with the exception of the twin-shock CX500s, which need one with a shock stud on the final drive else you'll have nowhere to mount the rear right shock absorber. There may be an exception here for the 500E Sports, I can't recall whether it has a different gender of flange or not... will update when I find out.

There's no reason you can't use a CX500 3-bolt final drive with shock stud on a GL500 Silverwing, you'll just have an unused shock stud. Going the other way will not work out so well without modification unless you have completed a monoshock conversion and are no longer using the stock shock mounts.

What's the shock stud? It's this:

Here's an example of the shock stud that you may be looking for when you want to swap in another final drive to your Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650, Turbo etc.

You can't attach a 4-bolt final drive to a 3-bolt swingarm, or vice-versa.

What do the numbers mean? Check out the Honda product code page.

The table is sortable by clicking on the headings.

Model No. of Bolts Part Number Casing Number Ratio Flange gender Breather Shock stud eBay link
CX500: All dual shock models 3 41300‑415‑000 ? 3.091 (34/11) Male Removable Yes US, AU, UK
GL500 Silverwing 3 41300‑MA1‑000 41301‑MA1‑000 3.091 (34/11) Male Removable No US
CX500E Sports 3 41300‑MC5‑000 41301‑MC5‑000 3.091 (34/11) Removable No
CX500T Turbo 3 41300‑MC7‑000 41301‑MC5‑000 3.091 (34/11) Male Removable No US, UK
GL650 Silverwing, USA 3 41300‑ME2‑000 41301‑MC7‑000 3.091 (34/11) US
GL650 Silverwing, some models elsewhere 4 ? 3.091 (34/11)
GL700 Wing 4 41300‑MG0‑000 41301‑MG0‑000 3.091 (34/11) Female Non-removable No
CX650T Turbo 4 41300‑ME7‑000 41301‑MG0‑000 3.400 (34/10)
CX650C Custom 4 41300‑ME8‑000 41301‑ME8‑000 3.091 (34/11) Female Non-removable Yes US
CX650E Eurosport 4 41300‑MG0‑000 41301‑MG0‑000 3.091 (34/11) Female Non-removable No AU, UK

There are reports of 4-bolt GL650s being found in Europe and other markets; there only seem to be 3 bolt ones available in the States. I strongly suspect that the final drive part numbers for the 4-bolt GL650s matches that of the GL700, which is identical to the CX650E Eurosport.

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