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CX650 Specifications, Features, History and Regional Variants

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The CX650 was released in 1983, and came in three flavours - the CX650C, C650ED and CX650 Turbo.


The CX650 variants were significant upgrades from most of their 500 brethren. The CX650ED Eurosport shares much with the previous year's CX500EC; notable improvements as compared to other CX500 variants include the tubular frame, dual twin-piston caliper brakes, monoshock rear and a new tank with fuel gauge. The CX650C was a cruiser-oriented bike aimed at the US market, and had it's own frame with a lower seat, teardrop tank and shorter exhaust giving it quite a different look to the other CX650s in 1983's lineup.

The CX650 Turbo was an improvement on the CX500 turbo; changes were made to the compression ratio and boost pressure to make for a less abrupt transition to being on-boost. The fuel injection system was also updated, and the rear monoshock gained a manual damping control mechanism.

CX650 and CX650 Turbo History

The entire CX650 lineup was for a single year only - 1983. Apparently only 1,777 examples of the CX650 Turbo were ever made. We don't have solid numbers on the CX650C and CX650ED.

The 650 variants were the final iterations of the twisted twin - and Honda has not revisited the design since.

Regional Variants


The CX650C was not sold in Australia, but the CX650ED was. You can find CX650Cs for sale from time to time as imported bikes. There were two Honda motorcycle importers to Australia in '83, each servicing different states (Bennett did NSW and QLD, MPE did VIC, TAS, SA and WA) - one brought in red and white bikes, the other black and white bikes.


The CX650ED was sold here.


The CX650E was sold in Europe. Germany had a restricted version available, which had 37kW of power - essentially restricting it to the kW of the CX500.

North America

The CX650C was sold here, but the CX650E was not. The CX650T was sold here!

CX650 Performance

CX650ED CX650C CX650 Turbo
Power 45kW (60hp) @ ? 45kW (60hp) @ ? 75kW (100hp) @ 8,000rpm

CX650 Dimensions

CX650ED CX650C CX650 Turbo
Length 2,250mm (88.6") 2,180mm (85.8") 2,220mm (87.4")
Width 760mm (29.9") 790mm (31.1") 775mm (30.5")
Height 1,190mm (46.9") 1,165mm (45.9") 1,325mm (52.2")
Wheelbase 1,500mm (59.1") 1,515mm (59.7") 1,495mm (58.9")
Seat Height 795mm (31.3") 780mm (30.7") 790mm (31.1")
Foot Peg Height 320mm (12.6") ?
Ground Clearance 150mm (5.9") 155mm (6.1") 145mm (5.7")
Dry Weight 210kg (463lb) 196kg (432lb) 235kg (518lb)
Wet Weight 230kg (507lb) 210kg (463lb) 256kg (564lb)

CX650 Frame, Wheels and Tyre Specifications

CX650E Eurosport CX650C Custom CX650 Turbo
Diamond Type
Rake 28 degrees 32 degrees 27 degrees
Trail 105mm (4.1") 126mm (5.0") 109mm (4.3")
Front axle type In-line Leading In-line
Front suspension Telescopic fork with anti-dive Telescopic fork Telescopic fork with anti-dive
Front fork diameter 37mm 39mm 37mm
Front fork oil capacity 290cc left, 275cc right 480cc per leg, after disassembly 310cc per leg, after disassembly
Front suspension travel 150mm (5.9") 160mm (6.3") 130mm (5.1")
Front suspension air pressure
Rear suspension Pro-Link Monoshock, Swingarm Dual shocks, swingarm Pro-Link Monoshock, Swingarm
Rear suspension travel 110mm (4.3") 120mm (4.7") 105mm (4.13")
Rear suspension oil capacity 270cc ? ?
Rear suspension air capacity 180cc N/A 260cc
Rear suspension air pressure 0-71psi N/A 28-85psi
Front wheel type Boomerang Comstar Cast alloy Boomerang Comstar, silver
Front tyre size 100/90, 18 56 H 100/90, 19 57 H 100/90, V18
Front tyre pressure
32psi, any load
36psi, any load
Rear wheel Boomerang Comstar, ?" Cast alloy Boomerang Comstar, silver
Rear tyre 120/80, 18 62 H 140/90, 15 70 H 120/90, V17
Rear tyre pressure
32psi <90kg load, 40psi >90kg
36psi <90kg load, 41psi >90kg

CX650 Brake Specifications

CX650E Eurosport CX650C Custom CX650 Turbo
Front Brake Type Dual disc, twin piston Single disc, twin piston Dual disc, ?
Front Brake Diameter 276mm (10.9") ? ?
Swept Area 952cm² 516cm² 952cm²
Rear Brake Type Single disc Drum Single disc
Rear Brake Diameter 276mm (10.9") ? ?
Swept Area 476cm² 201cm² 476cm²

CX650 Engine Specifications

CX650ED CX650C CX650 Turbo
4 stroke, OHV, liquid cooled
Engine Weight
74.5kg (164lb)
78kg (172lb)
82.5mm (3.25")
63mm (2.48")
674cc (41.1cu)
Compression ratio
Cylinder compression
Lubrication system
Forced pressure, wet sump
Oil Capacity
After draining
3.0L (3.2 US qt)
After disassembly
3.6L (3.8 US qt)
Cooling system
Electric fan, radiator
Cooling system capacity
After draining 1.7L (1.8 US qt) 1.5L (1.6 US qt)
After disassembly 2.08L (2.2 US qt) 2.1L (2.2 US qt)
Radiator Cap Release Pressure 10.7-14.8psi ?

CX650 Valvetrain Specifications

CX650ED CX650C CX650 Turbo
Chain driven camshaft + pushrod
At 0mm lift:
Intake valve opens 87°50' BTDC 84° BTDC
Intake valve closes 121°04' ABDC 108° ABDC
Exhaust valve opens 107°26 BBDC 80° BBDC
Exhaust valve closes 82°26 ATDC 104° ATDC
At 1mm lift:
Intake valve opens
Intake valve closes
53° ABDC
30° ABDC
Exhaust valve opens
40° BBDC
30° BBDC
Exhaust valve closes
15° ATDC
Intake valve clearance, cold
0.10mm (0.004")
Exhaust valve clearance, cold
0.12mm (0.005")

CX650 Fuel System Specifications

CX650ED CX650C CX650 Turbo
Fuel Tank Size 12.4L (3.28 US gal) 20L (5.3 US gal)
Fuel Tank Reserve Level 2.2L (0.58 US gal) 5L (1.3 US gal)
Twin carburetors
Fuel Injection
Carburetor type
Constant vacuum piston valve
Carburetor IDs VB2BA, VB2BB (G1), VB2BC (G2) VB2AC N/A
Pilot screw initial opening 2-3/8 N/A
Float level
15.5mm (0.61")
Fuel pressure
Minimum RON 94 RON

CX650 Drive Train Specifications

CX650ED CX650C CX650 Turbo
Wet, multi-plate
5-speed, constant mesh
Drive Method
Primary reduction ratio
2.114 (74/13)
1.725 (69/40)
1st gear ratio
2.5 (40/16)
2nd gear ratio
1.714 (36/21)
3rd gear ratio
1.280 (32/25)
4th gear ratio
1.035 (29/28)
5th gear ratio
0.838 (26/31)
Final drive ratio
3.090 (34/11)
3.400 (34/10)
Final drive oil capacity 170cc (5.7 US oz) 160-180cc (5.4-6.1 US oz)

CX650 Electrical Specifications

CX650ED CX650C CX650 Turbo
Ignition type
Ignition timing "F" mark
15° BTDC @ 1,100rpm
10° BTDC @ 1,100rpm
Full advance 40 +/- 1.5° BTDC @ 3,500rpm
Electric only
Alternator AC generator, 12V, 252W @ 5000rpm AC generator, 12V, 252W @ 5000rpm AC generator, 12V, 350W @ 5000rpm
Battery capacity
12V - 14ah
Spark Plugs - standard
NGK DPR7EV-9 below 0°C
Spark Plugs - extended high speed riding
Spark Plugs - Iridium
Spark Plug Gap
0.8-0.9mm (0.031-0.035")
Fuses 30A main fuse, 15A sub-fuses 30A main fuse, 15A and 10A sub-fuses 30A main fuse, 15A sub-fuses, 10A fan motor fuse

CX650 Light Bulb Specifications

CX650ED CX650C CX650 Turbo
All 12V. CP = candlepower # - SAE no.
Headlight - high/low 60/55W
60/55W (Phillips 12342/99 or equiv.)
Tail/brake light 21/5W, 23/8W (U)
8/27W, 3/32cp, #1157
Turn signal or indicator, front 21W, 23W (U) 32cp, #1034 23W, 32cp, #1073
Turn signal or indicator, rear 21W, 23W (U)
23W, 32cp, #1073
License plate light 4cp ?
Meter light 3.4W
3.4W, 2cp, #158
Neutral indicator 3.4W
3.4W, 2cp, #158
Turn signal indicator 3.4W 2cp, #158
High beam indicator 3.4W
3.4W, 2cp, #158
Tail/brake light warning light N/A 2cp N/A
Oil pressure warning light 3.4W
3.4W, 2cp, #158
Fuel system warning light
3.4W, 2cp, #158
Fuel reserve warning light ? N/A 3.4W, 2cp, #158
Running light ? ? 4W

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