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How to remove a final drive shaft that is stuck in the rear cover - Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650

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We were taking apart a Honda CX500 rear engine cover today and found that the final drive shaft was stuck in the rear cover and wouldn't come free easily. Click through to see how we got it out.

This is what we're talking about - on the inside of the rear cover (right side of the bike, leads to the drive shaft):


In this picture the shaft should just pull towards the camera, sliding out through the bearing:


Not happening - it slides half an inch then stops. Looking at the outside of the rear cover:


Well, that corrosion could explain a few things. Sliding it back to expose more of the shaft on this side:


Seems like the corrosion on the shaft is preventing it from sliding through the bearing. We used some fine grit sandpaper:


800 was the highest we had on hand at the time. Add some penetrant if you have it, and press it into the shaft where the corrosion is - or wrap it around:


Spin the shaft back and forth from the other side with your opposite hand: honda-cx500-drive-output-shaft-stuck-in-rear-cover-removal-9

It only took ten seconds to produce results:


Make sure to wipe off any rusty residue before pulling the shaft through. Now it should come easily:

honda-cx500-drive-output-shaft-stuck-in-rear-cover-removal-10 Easy done.

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