Starter motor and system - Honda CX and GL

You won't find a kickstart on any Honda CX or GL motorcycle - it's all done with the electric starter. Check out the articles below for more information.

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The Honda CX and GL range only came with electric start - no kickstart was ever offered.

All non-turbo CX and GL starter motors - CX400, CX500, CX650, GL400, GL500, GL650 and GL700
Standard Service limit
Brush spring tension 495-605gm 400gm
Brush length 11-12.5mm (0.43-0.49") 5.5mm (0.21")
CX500 Turbo
Brush spring tension 560-680gm 450gm
Brush length 12-13mm (0.47-0.51") 6mm (0.24")
CX650 Turbo
Brush spring tension 680-920gm 520gm
Brush length 12-12.5mm (0.47-0.49") 6.5mm (0.26")

Starter clutch

This lives inside the flywheel.

The starter clutch in the 650 variants is the same as the one in the 500s, leaving it perhaps a little smaller than it should be. It's recommended to modify (improve) the earth path through the starter motor to improve cranking ability.

Starter disconnect switch

This is a fancy name for a clutch switch; when working, it allows the bike to be started when the clutch lever is pulled in even if it is in gear.

Neutral switch

The neutral switch is part of the starter circuit, along with the starter disconnect switch under the clutch lever. When the circuit is functioning correctly being in neutral should allow you to start the motorbike.

Starter reduction gear

Here is a photo of the starter motor reduction gear in a Honda CX500, GL500, CX650 or GL650 motorcycle.

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CMS-Japanese Motorcycle Supply Parts