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Camshaft oil seal information and pictures - Honda CX and GL

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The camshaft oil seal sits around - as you might expect - the camshaft, and seals in the splashing oil that is around that area. There's no oil pressure in this area, and they seem to fail a lot less than the nearby mechanical seal. Looking at this one (this is on a CX650ED) from the inside of the rear cover:

The seal should be able to be removed with only a little prying effort:

The rear-wheel-facing side:

The engine-facing side you can see in the first pic, but here's a look at what's inside the seal - a spring, just the same as the gear shift shaft seal:

The inside of this one has a patterned section:

The oil seal is listed as 18x28x6 for both CX500s and CX650s - you can just make out the last couple of numbers in the first photo.

We will update this with part numbers in time.

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