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Painting the rear brake actuating arm - CX500, GL500 and CX650C

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Continuing our series on painting the rear brake components, today we have the rear drum brake actuating arm.

Here we have the brake actuating arm, which sits between the brake rod and the drum. In the above picture the drum has been removed, leaving the arm attached to the rod. It is retained on the rod with a nut, which is easily undone with a 14mm wrench:

Once the arm is removed, be careful not to lose the spring that sits behind it:

Now we have the arm and nut free:

A couple of minutes with a wire brush and most of the surface rust is gone:

Same applies for the nut:

Note the locating mark on the arm - it's not a blemish:

Fortunately this arm only had light surface rust so it didn't require any chemical rust remover. After a thorough cleaning using wax and grease remover, they can be hung up on wire and undercoated:

Two coats of Duplicolor high heat undercoat, then three coats of Duplicolour aluminium coloured high heat paint (to match the other high-heat painted parts):

Quick and easy and it will add a nice little bit of contrast to the gloss black exterior of the drum.

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