Exhaust system - Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650

Twin headers go into a H-box and from there exit through twin pipes. Unless you have a Turbo, where it's a little more complicated than that... scroll down for the articles.

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The CX500 stock has dual-walled header pipes, leading into a crossover chamber - also called the power chamber or H-box - which then flows into two mufflers, one on either side of the bike.

Exhaust headers

There's one on each side, coming from the head and leading downwards, exiting into the H-box.

The Power Chamber, or H-box

The H-boxes are not interchangeable between the Custom and Standard/Deluxe due to a difference in the angle of the pipes and screw locations for the chrome heat guards.

Removing the H-box

Removing the H-box is a popular modification; you lose a few kg in weight, though you do have to fabricate or purchase new midpipes to connect the headers to the mufflers.

Exhaust gaskets


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CMS-Japanese Motorcycle Supply Parts