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Malco Engineering Australia and Malleable History and Information

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Malleable and Malco are brands often seen on G clamps in Australia - here's what I can find on the companies. Malleable is sometimes referred to as Malleable Steel Castings. Just a brief one for now - it'll get fleshed out when I have time.


The Sydney Morning Herald reported on the 6th May 1915 that Malleable Castings Ltd. had been registered with a capital of £5000 in £1 shares. The stated objectives were to take over the engineering business carried on by Messrs E Weir and P. Logan, previously operating as Weir and Co., at Chappel-Street, Marrickville.


Melbourne's The Age reported on the 20th Nov 1950 that Malleable Castings Ltd. and E.W. Fittings Ltd. were merging into Malco Industries Ltd., and issued 285,715 £1 shares to Malleable and 114,285 £1 shares to the other company.

Melbourne's The Age reported on 15 Dec 1954 that Malco Industries Ltd., of Sydney, had issued £100,000 in £1 shares to acquire the subscribed capital of J.R.Tregoning Ltd., of Adelaide. That company was formed in 1948 to acquire the engineering business of C.A.Smith & Co., and for the two years prior the company had been principally sub-contracting in SA for the Malco subsidiary Link Belt Co Pty. Ltd.


The Canberra Times reported on the 25th August 1979 that the United Nations had accused Malco (amongst 98 other Australian companies) of providing aid to "colonial and racist regimes in southern Africa".


The Commonwealth of Australia Gazette reported on the 1 Jun 2004 that Todul Pty Ltd., formerly Malco Engineering Pty Ltd., was in voluntary liquidation and a final divident was to be soon declared.

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