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Where to find replacement ignition coils? Honda CX500, GL500, CX650 and GL650 - TI and CDI

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So where do you find replacement ignition coils for the CDI or TI CX500, GL500, CX650 or GL650 motorcycles?

You can't use TI coils on a CDI bike - you may get spark but you will find that it is weaker than it should be and it may cause you issues at high RPM.

CDI bikes

For CDI bikes - and if you aren't sure if your bike is CDI or TI see this helpful page - you can use these, which are smaller than the stock units but it's quite easy to make up an adapter out of flat steel bar with a couple of holes drilled in it: Amazon, eBay US, eBay UK, eBay AU, eBay CA.

In addition to those, Suzuki DZR400 coils work.

In both the cases above there's a question mark about the long-term life of the cheapest eBay options.

For a more powerful alternative, check out Murray's Carbs - Murray sells a coil on plug kit for the CX500s (install guide).

Here's one of the replacement coil options for the Honda CX500 - Murray's coil on plug kit, courtesy of Murray's Carbs

TI (Tranisistorised Ignition) Bikes

TI bikes need 12V, 3 ohm coils. You can't use CDI coils on a TI bike - while you will get spark you will also burn out the igniters over time, which will put you back at no spark and with another component to replace...

These work well: eBay US, eBay AU, or for more of a price selection see: eBay US, eBay AU. Note that they don't fit in the stock coil location - Murray Feldman of Murray's Carbs suggests mounting them on a bracket behind the water pump and relocating some of the electrics to underneath the tank where the coils previously lived. You require one of these units to power both sides - there's two separate coils inside the one block. Don't buy one of the twin-fire coils if they turn up in your searches - they aren't suited to the CX500/GL500/CX650/GL650 engines. Must be single fire.

For something which looks a bit more like the stock coils and runs very well see eBay US, eBay AU. The linked set come as a pair, one per side. You will need to make up high tension leads for them as they do not come with them.

Another option? Nology Profire 152 051 300 or PFC-30S- eBay US, eBay AU. You need two, one per side.

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