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How to test the stator on a Honda CX500

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You can view the testing procedure for your stator here. This page only covers part of the stator test, the rest is found at that link.

Do it with both a cold motor and then repeat the test with a hot motor - the values (and problems, if any) can change with temperature.

While every effort has been made to ensure this test is accurate, use at your own risk. This test is set to accept ~5% variance in results, and is based on a stator which meets Honda's specifications. Please note that some aftermarket stators may have very different normal readings to the original Honda stators for pin combinations 8/9 and 5/9.

Please don't forget to enter your serial number as different serials have different correct ranges.

Please enter only numbers into the results, no text.

If you are setting your multimeter to 2k ohms and the screen shows e.g. .200 or .400, your reading is probably 200 or 400 ohms and not .2 or .4 ohms - check your results and multimeter manual. This is causing some false results on the test.

CX500E PC01E

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