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Installing Speed Bleeder brake bleed valves on a Honda CX500

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Speed bleeders are a great idea - they're one-way valves, meaning that theoretically you can open them up a quarter turn and bleed your brakes to your heart's content without having to pressurise-open-close-pressurise-open-close etc.


This how-to is written with the assumption that your brake lines are already drained and you're looking at reassembling, filling and bleeding your brake system. Firstly, locate your old bleeder valves! You'll find them at the top of the caliper, above the pistons.


Clean around the area while it's still screwed in to ensure that no dirt or debris falls into the hole once you remove it. Grab an appropriately sized spanner - note that Speed Bleeder brand valves only come in imperial hex sizes, namely 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 7/16". Which size Speed Bleeder is required? See this page..


Undo the bleed valve counter-clockwise (lefty loosey, like most):


It should unscrew fairly easily once initially loosened.


The old bleed screw:


The Speed Bleeder brand speed bleeder:




Install the Speed Bleeder by hand initially, making sure not to cross-thread it. If you look at the photo above carefully you will notice that there is no thread sealant on the first couple of threads to make sure that you can feel the correct threading properly. You will notice a slight increase in force required once the thread sealant reaches the caliper threads; if you feel a great deal of force from the beginning double and triple check that you haven't cross-threaded it.


Once you feel the valve hit the bottom don't apply more force - at most add 1/8 of a turn if you find that it leaks.


Depending on the length you have you may find that the threads are visible a little above where the OEM ones stopped; this isn't an issue. Speed Bleeder brand bleeders come with a little rubber cap to prevent crud buildup in the top:


Wider view:


Repeat this process for each caliper, and you're ready to experience faster and easier brake bleeding!

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