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A closer look at the starter motor (31200-449-008)

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This is the starter motor with the black body, found on many of the CX/GL variants. Looks like this:

The thick cable carrying power to the unit is connected under a rubber sheath:

Pull it back to reveal a nut:

A 10mm spanner or socket should undo this:

Other items of interest around the body are the end cap with manufacturer markings:

Mitsuba SM-228, 12V, 0.6KW (600W). On the side of the end cap appears to be a faint inscription:

No idea about the significance of that (34S?). There are four flush screws/bolts around the body:

There's an O-ring around the shaft which goes into the motor, part number 91309-300-000:

An 11mm circlip sits around the end, part number 94510-11000:

Therese two long bolts that run the length of the body:

Note the two dots - meaning they're JIS, I think - any correction welcome:

Undoing the two long bolts can sometimes be a little tough - we cheat and use a 12v impact wrench:

The bolts are part number 31205-413-780, the 5mm spring washer part number 94111-05000:

Once those bolts are out, the end cap simply pulls off:

Carbon residue:


There's a washer in the end:

Inside the body looks like this:

The other end cap also simply pulls off now:

Inside the end cap:

Springs in front here, brushes behind:

This piece is held in by a single little bolt:


Incidentally, the four screws around the body hold these in:


We'll come back with some more photos of the brushes and some part numbers in an update.

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CMS-Japanese Motorcycle Supply Parts

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