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A closer look at the CDI unit - Honda CX500

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Early CX500s had a capacitive discharge ignition setup, which was replaced by transistorised ignition in later models. The CDI controller box came in black or gold; a black version:

You'll find it underneath your seat. A closeup:

You can make out "TIA02-14" stamped into the top. The Honda part number is: 30400-415-005 or 30400-415-005

There are three sets of wires coming out of it; two receive connectors from the stator, and one links to the killswitch and the coils. Yellow and pink go to the coils and the black-with-white-stripe goes to the killswitch:

Blue and white connects to the same coloured wires coming from the stator:

The biggest connector mates to a matching connector from the stator, and is the main one you'll focus on when doing the CDI stator test:

This one wasn't plugged in properly at some point in it's life and the connector has become damaged. It's worth replacing it at this point, lest you set fire to something.

The CDI boxes are generally considered non-fixable for the end user; some people have built replacements (see Aki's solution) from scratch but most people either have to replace the box with a known working one or a newly made alternative rather than fix their faulty one.

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