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A closer look at the camshaft - Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650

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OK, so this particular camshaft is out of a CX650ED - we will add some photos of a 500's fan protrusion down the track.

Starting at the left;

This is the end that the water pump impeller mounts to, along with the mechanical seal and the camshaft oil seal.

This part is actually a separate piece to the main camshaft, and is an interference fit. Why? If the impeller loosens and/or jams against the rear cover the end piece should separate and not cause the camshaft to jam as well. Without that, the entire camshaft suddenly jamming when the engine is spinning at high RPM could be disastrous, for either the engine, the rider or both. There's a hole in the side of the piece to allow the Loctite to overflow through during the press fit;

The hole you see on the right in the second pic leads away to the opposite side of the camshaft to allow oil through;

...and here you can see it emerging on the opposite side:

Moving down, we have the lobes - no pic yet, oddly enough, they're coming - and on the opposite end we have the drive for the tachometer:

Once we get a camshaft with the two pieces separated we'll add those.

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