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Carburetor identification - CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650

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Wondering if you have a vacuum operated petcock or an accelerator pump on your Honda CX or GL carburetors? Check the list below for what was stock for these vehicles.

The fuel line feed was purportedly moved to assist with the twisted twin's tendency to start on only the left cylinder when it's on the side stand. As any owner will attest, it didn't solve the issue completely.

The accelerator pump helps with off-idle response by providing a little bit of extra fuel to richen the mixture at a point where it has a tendency to lean out.

GL500 carbs are closer together than CX500 carbs - GL500 carbs are ~100mm spaced, CX500 carbs are ~160mm. CX650 and GL650 carbs are angled and have more complex throttle linkages etc. accordingly.

The float difference is important as one is adjustable and one is not and each type uses a different sort of float needle.

There are two different idle plug sizes - you can't interchange them.

This is a work in progress. You can sort the table by clicking on the headings.

Both sides should have the same carb ID! Mixing and matching bodies may have been done by a previous owner and may result in problems.

Once you are done click here to go back to the carb cleaning page if that's where you came from.

Here's an example of a Honda CX or GL carb ID number.

Year Model Country ID Floats Fuel Feed Vacuum
1978 CX500 USA VB26A-B No No
1978 CX500 Australia VB36A, VB36B, VB36C No No
1978 GL500 Wing VB36AA, VB36AC No No
1978 GL400 Wing VB35AB, VB35AC
1979 CX500 USA VB26A-B/C
1979 CX500Z Australia VB36B, VB36C
1979 CX500 Deluxe USA VB23A
1979 CX500 Custom USA VB27A
1980 CX500 Deluxe USA VB28A-B
1979 GL400 Wing (Z) VB38AC, VB38AA
1979 GL500 Wing (Z) JDM VB38AA
1980 CX500 Custom USA VB25A-B
1980 GL400 Custom Wing (A) VB38AC
1981 CX500 Deluxe USA VB28A-C
1981 CX500 Custom USA VB25A-C
1981 GL400 (B) VB35BB
1981 GL400 Custom Wing (B) VB38BA
1981 GL500 Custom Wing (B) VB37AF
1982 CX500 (C) England, Europe, Germany VB36A-F?E?
1982 CX500 Custom (C) USA VB25A-D Yes Yes
1982 CX500 Custom (C) Canada VB25B-C
1982 CX500 Custom (C) Denmark, England, Europe, Italy, Northern Europe VB37A-E
1982 CX500 Custom (C) Germany, 27ps version VB39B-B
1982 CX500 Custom (C) Germany, full power VB39A-B
1982 CX400EC Sports VB1BAA
1982 CX500EC Sports England, Europe, France, Italy, Switzerland VB1AA-A
1982 CX500EC Sports #1 Germany VB1AB-A
1982 CX500EC Sports #2 Germany VB1AC-A
1981 GL500 USA VB29A Yes
1982 GL500 USA VB29A? Yes
1983 CX400C Custom VB2CAA
1983 GL650 USA VB2AA
1983 GL700 Interstate Japan VB2BG
1983 CX650C Custom USA VB2AC or VB2AB Yes Yes
1983 CX650 Eurosport Australia VB2AB

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