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Braided brake line length - Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650

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Upgrading to stainless steel brake lines and need to know what length lines to order? Check out our table below. Lengths are from banjo eye center to eye center. Note that these are largely community sourced so allow for a small margin of error due to people's different measuring techniques, and don't forget that models varied between countries and years.

This table is sortable - click on the top line if you want to sort it by an individual column, and shift+click for a second column.

Year Model/Country Single/Dual Caliper First line Second line, if any Offset, if any Handlebars Source Notes
? CX500 (UK) Dual 35.5cm 53cm ? ? brooktini86 Hel branded lines
1979 CX500 Custom (USA) Single 102cm - ? ? OldOne44 Used 40" JDA line with success
1980 CX500 Custom (USA) Single 105cm - ? ? themple -
1980 CX500 Deluxe (USA) Single 99cm - ? ? Cx500Terry Bought JDA lines that said 40", worked fine
1981 CX500 Deluxe (USA) Single 96.5cm - Straight both ends Standard cbrianroll 38"
1981 CX500 Custom (USA) Single 107cm - ? ? petevenne -
1981? GL500 Single 105.5cm - ? 20° 1chrisb -
1982 CX500 Custom (USA) Single 110cm - 30° both ends Stock handlebars cbrianroll Also measured at 109.2cm ferrule->ferrule
1982 CX500E Sports Dual - Stock handlebars
1982 GL500 Interstate Dual 54.6mm 52.1cm, 2 of ? Stock handlebars nolimitz
1983 CX650 Eurosport Dual Front: ?
Rear: 32.5" center to center
Standard TonyG

If you have measured a line and want to add it to the above table, email me at jc AT motofaction DOT org.

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