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What is the length of the Honda CB125E or GLH125SH rear shock absorbers?

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What is the length of the Honda CB125E or GLH125SH rear shock absorbers? You might need to know this if you want to replace or upgrade your existing shocks.

Here's a pic of the Honda CB125E GLH125SH shock absorbers - how long are they from eye to eye?

This one is short and sweet - they measure 325mm from the center of one eye to the center of the other. This can be a very useful length when it comes to replacing them, or using the shocks from a CB125E or GLH125SH on another model of bike!

If you want to replace them with shorter shocks make sure you do your homework - you don't want to replace them with a shorter shock with the same or similar travel and end up bottoming out the rear wheel on your frame or other bike components.

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