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Carburetor insulator sources and part numbers - Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650

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These are called many different things by different people; Honda calls them left and right carb insulators, others intake manifolds, inlet runners, intakes, carb rubbers and probably more that I haven't heard yet!

The carburetor insulators are of different shapes between different models, and they aren't cross-compatible! If you take a look at the carburetor shape differences page you'll understand why - the spacing and even angle changes between models, so intake manifolds that fit one set of carbs definitely wont' fit another.

Now that it has been some decades since they rolled out of the factory it's not uncommon for the rubber portion of the inlet runners to crack all the way through and create a vacuum leak; this can be fixed with some large (65mm) heatshrink (eBay US, eBay AU) or perhaps with the application of an adhesive.

Below are the part numbers and sources. The only ones that are available new at the time of writing are the CX500 single spine ones; the others are often available on eBay used, but do try to get a good view of their condition before purchasing if you want to save yourself from having to fill in cracks. Heat-shrinking them isn't hard but if you aren't interested in doing that check before buying.

Model Left side Left Sources Right side Right Sources
CX500 Standard
CX500 Deluxe
CX500 Custom
CX500 Shadow
GL500 Wing<
16221-415-000 eBay US
eBay AU (left and right, cheapest)
16211-415-000 eBay AU (left and right, cheapest)
CX500E Sports
GL500 Silverwing
GL500 Silverwing Interstate
16221-MA1-000 eBay US 16211-MA1-000 eBay US
CX650E Eurosport
CX650C Custom
GL650 Silverwing
GL650I Silverwing Interstate
16221-ME2-000 eBay US 16211-ME2-000 eBay US

Here's a page showing the shape of the 650 variants: LINK

Here are some photos of the carburetor insulators - also known as the intake manifolds - from a Honda CX650E Eurosport, GL650, GL700 or CX650C Custom motorcycle.

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