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Ignitech DCCDIP2 Review (Honda CX500)

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The Ignitech module (eBay link) replaces Honda's CDI box, and controls the bike's ignition system.

It works differently to the original CDI box; this has both benefits and disadvantages. The original CDI box is powered through the stator, where the Ignitech is powered by the bike's 12 volt electrical system. This means that if you have a completely flat battery, you can still bump start the CDI box and the bike will have a functional ignition system. The Ignitech system, however, being powered by 12V, will not function with a completely flat battery.

One of the main advantages of the Ignitech system is that it does not require the same stator/ignition components which a CDI does, such as the advance pulsers and certain coils on your stator which provide the CDI with power. If these components of your ignition system are failing you can simply replace the CDI box with an Ignitech and return your bike to being fully functional. To see a picture of where the advance pulsers are (marked as right advance and left advance), click here.

One other advantage of the Ignitech is that it does not require a G47 stator to run; you can use the cheaper G8 charge-only stator, which has the added benefit of outputting more wattage for bike accessories. This is the same stator as the TI bikes use (GL models and all 650s).

To see how to install an Ignitech unit, click here.

We have installed Ignitechs into multiple CDI CX500s with failing advance pulsers and so long as that was the only problem with the ignition system, the bike runs like brand new. We have also installed them into engines with broken stators where the G47 stators were replaced by G8 stators, and again the Ignitech performed flawlessly.

They do also come with a serial port and software so you can make alterations to the ignition programming should you so desire; probably not a common desire amongst CX500 owners but the option is there!

Highly recommended if you need one - you can order them directly via Ignitech via email or find one on eBay. Oh, and if you notice yours buzzing faintly that's expected behaviour - shows it's working!

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