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What's the weight difference between the Honda CX and GL wheel variants?

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The bare wheel weights are done without any brakes attached (apart from the integral drum on the drum brake models) and with the wheel bearings in-situ. The final drive flange has also been removed from the rear wheel for the bare weights.

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Here is a photo of three of the CX/GL wheel variants - the Comstar, Reverse Comstar and Boomerang Comstars.

Why care about this anyway? Reducing unsprung weight is one way of improving the bike's handling, and one of the ways we can achieve that is by using lighter wheels. It's one of the things I actually get regular questions about, so here it is.

Wheel Front Weight, bare wheel Front Weight, full brake setup Rear Weight, bare wheel Rear Weight, full brake setup + flange
Regular Comstar 6.0kg (19") ? (single rotor)
? (dual rotor)
7.7kg (18")
No 16" variant
Reverse Comstar ? (19") ? (single caliper)
? (dual rotor)
? ?
Boomerang Comstar 5.0kg (18") ? ? (18")
? (17")
GL500 Wheel ? (single rotor)
? (dual rotor)
GL650 Wheel
CX650C and CX400C Wheel

Other data from Onetrack on the Oz forum:

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