MotoFaction: Honda CBR250R and CBR250RR

Four cylinders, 250cc, 18,000rpm - perhaps one of the best known small capacity sports bikes from the 80s. Check out the articles below!

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The Honda CBR250R or CBR250RR - MC14, MC17, MC19, MC22

Note that these bikes are the ones from the '80s and '90s - not the current single/twin models.

General Info

Maintenance, Inspection, Adjustment

Lubrication system

Fuel system, Carburetors

Cooling System

The CBR250R/RR are all liquid cooled with an electrically driven fan.

Cylinder head and valves


Crankshaft, pistons and cylinders

Clutch and stator

Transmission and Gear Shift Linkage

Front wheel and suspension

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CMS-Japanese Motorcycle Supply Parts