Honda's CB750 Nighthawk motorcycle

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Honda CB750 Nighthawk

From 1982 through to 2003 (apparently with some breaks) Honda produced the CB750 Nighthawk, known at first as the CB750SC Nighthawk and post-1991 simply as the Nighthawk 750. Sporting a 4-stroke 749cc inline four engine, drive was to the rear wheels via a five speed gearbox and chain. Fuel was provided by four carburetors and the motor was good for approx. 66hp (just under 50kW). Wet weight was supposed to be about 260kg.

From 1991 the weight dropped ~40kg thanks to a lighter frame and some other changes. With the weight loss came a power boost - up from ~66hp to 75hp, and torque jumped up to 47ft/lb from 41.5ft/lb.

Apparently the post-1995 models also had changes - if we find out what they are we will update.

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