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Hyosung's GT250R was a popular fully faired learner or commuter bike. Air cooled, V-twin and big bike looks made for a winning combination. Check out our articles on it below.

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Hyosung GT250R Carbureted model in black

Hyosung GT250R Non-EFI Review

Our used review of the older Hyosung GT250R will be up later in the year - once we have spent a bit more time with the bike.

Hyosung GT250R Engine

The Korean-made GT250R has an air and oil cooled V-twin engine, displacing just 249.0 cubic centimeters. It's a 75-degree V-twin, so expect a little bit of inherent vibration! Or engine character, depending on your perspective. As with all modern-style streetbikes electric ignition is the order of the day, and no kickstart is offered. Engine servicing is recommended at 4,000km intervals after the initial service.

The engine utilises dual overhead camshafts and 4 valves per cylinder.

Hyosung GT250R brakes and suspension

Dual discs up front and a single disc at the rear provide the stopping power. Twin piston calipers sit both front and rear, and the discs are 300mm and 230mm in diameter respectively.

The 250 model has non-adjustable inverted (also known as upside down or USD) forks up the front - 41mm in diameter. The rear has a preload-adjustable monoshock.

Hyosung GT250R Fuel System

The model in question has twin downdraft 26mm Mikuni carburetors - later models came with fuel injection, and the year of FI's introduction varies between countries. There's a manual choke switch on the left side of the handlebars. The fuel tank has 17L of capacity.

Hyosung GT250R Clutch and Transmission

A wet, multiplate clutch mates the engine to the 5-speed transmission, and the rear wheel is driven by a chain.


An analogue tachometer matches to a digital speedometer, along with the usual array of idiot lights - neutral, oil pressure warning, high beam and indicator light. A nice addition is a digital fuel gauge.

Hyosung GT250R Carbureted model in black

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