CX / GL 500 / 650 In The Movies

Some sharp eyed people have noticed these bikes in the films and on TV. For the eagle-eyed owner, here is a list of the ones seen so far:-

NOTTING HILL (Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts)

After the scene where HG wanders down the market as the seasons change (itself a masterpiece of direction), he fusses over a baby and the scene switches to his bookshop. As the Welsh Twit and his girlfriend enter, directly across the street is a black CX500.

Thanks to Chris Morgan for that one.

MAN AND BOY (Ioan Griffuth)

I'm not certain on this, but as Gina storms off having left her husband, right behind him is a motorcycle under a tarpaulin. You can see the Comstar wheels and the tailpiece suggests a CX.

THE GREAT ESCAPE (Richard Attenborough, Steve McQueen)

Not many of you spotted this one.

Reg Worth did, though!

I laughed like a drain when I saw this.

See my Great Escape website. Sorry ... no CXs.








SUDDEN IMPACT (Clint Eastwood)

A nice CX police trike can be seen in one of the car chases.

Wouter Barten spotted this one. Floris Bongearts says "There's a clip on our [Dutch] website!"


"While watching Bad Lads' Army on ITV recently one lad was being interviewed at home prior to entering the `camp`. In the background there was a CX500 B. Well the frame was in one spot and the engine was in another. Obviously not a club member!!"

George Craik noticed this. H'mmm ... sounds like the culprit needs a month or two in the cooler?


Another one spotted by Reg Worth.

I'd have thought this one was real if I hadn't later seen the original picture!







Chris Morgan says "Trainspotting - 96 minutes in, just before seeing Tommy on the phone, it drives past, a CX500C with big aftermarket screen."

Grainger noticed this overlooked Star Wars version of the Eurosport. He says "So this is how they did it - hard to work out how the cute little Ewoks managed to stay on while going cross-country though."

Rumour has it that David Silver sell a laser cannon kit for the CX. Exocet eat your heart out.






GEORGE and MILDRED (UK film from a TV series). Dwarf says "Not one but two CXs riding side by side!"

A pair of Zs by the look of 'em ... making the film's date after 1978. I wonder who these two boys were, does either of them recognise themselves? Were they just film extras, or a bike club roped in to give local colour to the plot?








Reg Worth spotted these 2 'Police' CX500s or GL500s.


Reg says : "When he comes out of a biker bar and knocks over a line of bikes, just as they start to tumble, you see the distinctive headlamp nacelle of a Z type."


Garth says "There is a CX500 in the recent film "Goodbye World" -- not a particularly acclaimed film, nor featuring any grand celebrities, but featuring a CX nonetheless.

You can catch it briefly in the trailer at about the 35 or 36 second mark here:"


Looks like a US 'Deluxe' model.









Dave Moore spotted Toni Colette riding this CX500Z.






More contributions (tongue in cheek ones as well!) are welcomed.