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Centre Stand Removal

(many thanks to Reg Worth who kindly gave permission to use this page when his own web site closed down.)

This information is given in good faith but you use it at your own risk.

This was one of those '10 minute jobs' which turned into a fretful saga. When stripping my CX to a bare frame it should have taken me a couple of minutes to remove the split pin and pull the pivot pin from the frame tube to remove the mainstand. HA! I should be so lucky.

The CX mainstand pivots on a tube ( I call it the pivot pin) pushed through the frame and held by two clamps (left). The pivot pin was well and truly stuck in the stand tube.

Hammer ... hammer ... hammer ... no joy ... the pivot pin did not want to give up its death grip. It only comes out in one direction, and heavy hammering can peen over the end and jam it in the tube, making more work for yourself, leading to alcohol abuse, addicton and attendant miseries.

As I had an otherwise bare frame, I could safely use some heat from a blowlamp but it had no effect. (On an assembled bike, this may not be a wise option anyway).





I welded a steel bar to the pivot pin's wide end and tried to work it loose but this just pulled the pin, bar and weld apart. Finally I remembered having a 20mm drill which had been turned down to fit in a 1/2" chuck and decided to drill away each end of the main pin to at least get it off the frame

The pivot pin is actually only about 19mm at its widest and I knew that I'd be enlarging the hole at the clamps a bit, but frankly I didn't care.

I just wanted it off!!!! it was getting personal.

On reflection. I think an 18mm drill bit would be the best size to use. Anyway I drilled away the pivot pin at each end until I reached the stand's tube. Then I could get the stand free of the frame.







Next job get the pivot pin out of the stand tube. I used my trusty old hacksaw and a new blade to make a lengthways cut inside I was prepared to make a few more cuts weaken the pin enough to be able to drive it out but luckily, one (with some moderate hammering) was enough.





When I had about an inch protuding, I used Stilsons to work it free then a chisel to lever the Stilsons longways while turning. Finally I had the pivot pin out!

I put the pivot pin in the frame clamps and could see that they gave me enough leeway to grip a new pin without serious modifications. Possibly some minor filing between the jaws of the clamps, that's all.

Naturally I shall use LOTS of grease on re-assembly! I tested the stand by putting it into gear and leaning it against a wall. I made sure that when the stand moved the inner pivot pin stayed still, as it should. I suggest you check and thoroughly grease yours, and keep it as a "10 minute job"