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How to remove the Honda CX500 or GL500 mechanical cooling fan

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Before you start, have a read of this page:

A closer look at the mechanical cooling fan

Having an idea of what you're working with will help. You can do this with the engine still in the bike.

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M14x1.5 bolt, ~2" long Fan puller bolt
Screwdriver Removing screws on sides of radiator
Loosening hose clamps
12mm socket Removing tank bolt
14mm socket Removing radiator drain screw
17mm socket Removing inspection cover
With wrench/bar, stopping engine turning
Penetrant Assisting with stubborn fans
2L of 50:50 coolant mix Assuming you're replacing the coolant.
When was the last time you did, anyway?
Drain pan or bucket of >2L capacity For catching the coolant
Blue Loctite For the fan bolt when you replace it

What could go wrong

Damage fan blades Require new fan
Forget to replace coolant Overheated engine, major damage
Insufficiently tightened hose clamps Loss of coolant, overheated engine
Insufficiently tightened fan bolt Fan bolt backs off, fan spirals into radiator at speed
Fan bolt backs off, fan slides off harmlessly but engine overheats
Radiator fins damaged while off bike Requires repair or replacement
Fan very tightly on, requiring long bar for torque Bike falls off center stand

Fan Removal Procedure

Photos are coming with more of a writeup. In a nutshell;

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