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Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650 - Using pod filters in place of the airbox

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Using pod filters instead of the stock airbox is a really common modification for the CX and GL series; it creates an empty space behind the engine that many find aesthetically pleasing. Some considerations for this modification include;

Crankcase breathing system

The stock crankcase breathing setup pipes the pressure back to the airbox; if you remove the airbox, you'll have to send it somewhere else. It is possible to plumb it back into the pod filters with some modifications, or loop the hoses high and put an air filter on the end. The latter may have environmental/registration complications, depending on where you live.

Here's one solution for the crankcase breather with pod filters.

Rejetting for pods

There's a very good chance that your bike won't run properly with the stock jetting and pod filters; plan to re-jet. More info to come.

Filtration efficiency of pod filters

Check the filtration rating of the pod filters you're looking at; some are best at keeping out small objects like squirrels and rocks, whereas others will actually filter out fine dirt particules which can damage your engine.

Pod filter maintenance

Are the pod filters you are looking at re-usable? Do you have to oil them regularly to maintain filtration efficiency?

Keep or remove side covers?

It is possible to fabricate simple brackets out of metal to reattach the side covers to once you remove the airbox; whether the pod filters clear them or not is another matter entirely, but it is possible to keep them if you please.

Water ingress

The stock airbox keeps the air filter element safely tucked away from rain. The same can't be said for pod filters without side covers; leave your bike parked in a downpour and you'll find your pod filters soaked with water when you come back. Plastic bags to wrap around the pods can be handy for such situations!

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