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Disassembling the rear master cylinder - Honda CX500 Sports, CX650ED Eurosport, CX500 Turbo, CX650 Turbo

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As part of our series on rebuilding the rear master cylinder for the rear-disc-brake equipped CX bikes - CX500EC Sports, CX650ED Eurosport, CX500 Turbo and CX650 Turbo - we are looking at disassembling a unit today:

Taking a closer look, we can see the bore diameter on one side - 14mm:

There's an actuating rod that connects the brake lever to the master cylinder - here looking rather rusty:

Here's the end that connects to the brake lever:

Heading around to the other side, we have on this one "17A1":

Attaching the master cylinder to the reservoir, we have two (rusty) screws:

Looking closely, there's a dot on the screw heads - which suggests it's a JIS screw, as far as I'm aware:


When lifting the plastic 90-degree bend away green fluid leaked out... probably long overdue for a change:

There's an O-ring - size pending:

Looking in:

Looking back at the wider picture again now that we have removed the reservoir tube:

The rubber boot should pull back easily:

The rubber boot should slide down the rod:

...which allows you to see the circlip holding the assembly together:

Continued in part two!

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