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Disassembling the rear master cylinder - Honda CX500 Sports, CX650ED Eurosport, CX500 Turbo, CX650 Turbo Part 02

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Continued on from Part One.

We left the first part looking at the circlip holding the internals together; let's pick up there:

Using some internal circlip pliers, release the circlip:

This is often easier said than done - all the ones we have rebuild have been corroded into place, and we even lost a pair of circlip pliers to one:

In this case penetrant is your friend:

Let it soak in penetrant for hours or overnight if necessary. It sometimes helps to try and rotate the circlip in it's groove to break it free before trying to release it. On the other hand, you might be lucky and it might come away first try - here's hoping.

Looking in where it was:

The lip of this master cylinder is rather corroded:

A couple of light taps brought the internals out - they're spring loaded, so make sure not to shoot it at your eye or off into the garage somewhere. It's not a super strong spring so that's unlikely, but you never know...

The piston and seal:

The rubber cap that the spring sits in:

The spring:

...and the other spring(?). This one isn't in the parts fiche, it's a bonus added by a previous owner:

To be continued once the rebuild kit arrives.

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