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Disassembling the front master cylinder - Honda CX650ED - Part 02

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Continued on from Part 01.

Underneath, there's a nut to be removed with a 10mm socket or wrench:

On the other side we need a flathead screwdriver:

Lever etc. removed:

That leaves us with the front brake switch assembly underneath - part number 35340-MA5-671 - still seems to be available:

You can see the button that is actuated by the lever movement here:

One screw+washer removed, part number 93893-0401218 or later 93893-0401208:

The brake light switch now lifts out:

Now it's time to take a look at the internals. With the lever out of the way we can more clearly see the rubber boot around the piston end:

Easiest way to get this off that I have found is to grab as much as you can between your forefinger and thumb (too little and it tears) and lift it off:

Now we can see the end of the piston:

Now look down around the piston from the top and you should see a circlip:

Using some internal circlip pliers, release the circlip. Keep in mind that the piston is compressing a spring, so once the circlip is released the spring will cause the piston/circlip/etc. to push outward. It's not an incredibly strong spring, but it's certainly enough to send the circlip off into a dark corner of the garage or under your desk.

The insides:

Look into the bore to check for gunk and corrosion:

The piston and rubber seal:

Spring end:

Pressing against the piston we have a rubber piece that the spring seats into:

The spring end which meets it:

The piston is in better condition than some we have seen:

That's it apart - next step is to do some cleaning and then make use of the rebuild kit.

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