Engine Lubrication - Honda CX500, GL500, CX650, GL650

Mineral or synthetic, and which grade oil to use? Find out all this and more below!

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All of the twisted twin variants have a wet sump, which the oil pump draws oil from and pumps out through the galleries to the engine.

Checking and changing the engine oil

One of the most basic - and important - maintenance tasks is checking the engine oil. See the article here.

Changing the oil at regular intervals is also one of the most common maintenance items - read up on the procedure here.

Oil Filters

Here's a list of compatible oil filters and where to get them.

Which oil should I use?

This is a favourite thread for every autmotive board that ever there was. Honda's spec for "general use" is just SAE 10w40 Honda 4-stroke oil of grade SE for most climates - hot climates were recommended a slightly thicker oil. Of course, this was written way back when they also recommended automatic transmission fluid as the fluid of choice for your front forks, so it is obvious that a lot has changed since then.

Synthetic vs. mineral oil

Generally a hotly debated topic. We have used both mineral motorcycle oil, semi-synthetic motorcycle oil and synthetic motorcycle oil in CX500/CX650s and have had no issues with any of the brands used (Fuchs/Penrite).

One of the best resources to educate yourself on this is the following link: Bob Is The Oil Guy (section #103 refers specifically to synthetic vs. minerals)

Regular engine oil vs. motorcycle engine oil

In a nutshell, some car oil contains friction enhancers. Friction enhancers + wet clutch = slipping clutch = bad. Best to check that the oil is suitable for a motorcycle with a wet clutch first. The specification you want to look for is JASO MA. Oils with that rating are readily available in most places.

Final Drive Lubrication

The final drive unit needs lubrication too. Info to come.

Drive Shaft Joint Lubrication

That's what the grease nipple is for. More to come.

Grease points

Oil orifices

Oil pressure switch and warning light

A closer look at the oil pressure switch and warning light

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