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Rear wheel

Depending on the year, model variant and region the bike was sold in, the CX500 has either a 16" or an 18" rear rim. The 16" comes in a reverse Comstar, and the 18" can be found in both a reverse and standard Comstar.

Rear suspension: Dual rear shocks

Except for the Sports and Turbo models, the CX500 has dual shocks at the rear - one on either side of the bike. The only other bike in the CX/GL lineup with this setup is the CX650C Custom.

Rear suspension: Single Pro-Link rear shock

The CX500 Turbo and the CX500 Sports model have a monoshock, as does the CX650ED. All GLs - 500 and 650 - have a monoshock. They're not all the same, though!

Here is an example photograph of the Honda CX or GL Pro-Link rear suspension unit.

Can you fit a Honda GL500 swingarm to a CX500? Murray says that to do so you need to fabricate a driveshaft, swingarm pins and bearings/adapters as well as an upper suspension mount, so it's not an easy task.

Driveshaft and swingarm

Playing around with your rear suspension? Don't have your driveshaft angle be to steep or risk damaging it.

A note - the thread pitch for the CX500TC Turbo's swingarm spindle is apparently 1.5mm metric 60°.

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