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Here's the grand list of CX400, CX500, CX650, GL400, GL500 and GL650 builds we could find on the 'net - cafe racers, bobbers, choppers, brats and everything inbeween - and a few that are something else entirely. Whatever your taste, you should find some inspiration here.

This page is in the middle of being revised - the old list is at the top, new bikes and as I get time the old bikes are being added to a table at the bottom which is sortable and a bit easier to use if you're looking for builds with specific features for inspiration.

Andreas Diavatis' CX500 - LINK

Custom tank w/stripe, silver engine/black tappet covers, fork gaiters, 2-2 exhaust, bar end mirrors, clip-ons

"B52 Bomber" by Wrench Kings - LINK

GL500! Clip ons, front end swap, chopped rear frame, black/white/silver paint, 2-2 exhaust

"Blubber" by Ton Up Garage - LINK

Wrapped 2-2 exhaust, CX500, white rocker covers, Custom tank, flyscreen fairing, modified frame

"Bomber" by Aniba - LINK

Two-tone tank, wrapped 2-2 exhaust, black engine, modified frame, unusual gas tank cap

Brad's CX500 - LINK

Wrapped 2-1 exhaust, custom seat, red tank/white stripe, fork gaiters

Brooks Brat CX500 - Featured Build

CBR1000RR front end swap, gunmetal grey, Murray's carbs, MotoGadget Motoscope Pro and more!

"Birdie" by Mokka Customs - GL500 Cafe Racer - LINK

Modified frame, USD front end, CNC switchgear

"Cachet Racer" by Nemo Gould - Featured Build

Polished tank, much custom metalwork, custom rad grille, 2-2 exhaust, silver engine, new gauges

Boostaholic - Featured Build

Turbocharged..! Not from factory either!

Cafe2ride CX500 - LINK

Wrapped 2-2 exhaust, two-tone tank with gold pinstripe, seat hump, bar-end indicators

Cafe Fighter CX500 - Featured Build

Taco Bender inspired, reversed gas tank, custom rear end, rear disc brake, monoshock conversion, more!

"Cafe Noir" by Rough Stuff - LINK

Stock airbox! CX500, black/gold paint, gold wheels, wrapped exhaust, clip ons

Caiman's Urban Scrambler CX500 - LINK

Scrambler style, rear monoshock, knobby tyres, brown leather custom seat, modified frame, wrappped 2-2 exhaust

Canadian Cafe Racer CX500 by MotoMicah - Featured Build

Custom painted tank, red/black theme, 2-2 wrapped exhaust, gunmetal engine, custom seat, integrated rear lights in seat hoop, custom gauge cluster

Carolina Street Tracker - Featured Build Link

Ceramic coated Mac 2-1, white tank/bodywork w/red pinstripe, Ducati fan, silver engine/covers, custom side panels

"Cash Cafe" CX500 - LINK

2-2 exhaust, black wheels with red pinstripe, Custom tank, custom seat

Chris Fielding's CX500 - Featured Build

2-2 exhaust, no H-box or midpipes, custom seat, front end conversion, KTM 690 radiator

"Custom Deluxe" by Murray Feldman - Featured Build

CX650C engine, front end, rear end added to CX500 frame, Mikuni carbs and more!

"CXL500 Scrambler" CX500 by Kingston Kustoms - LINK

Custom tank, 2-1 exhaust, black tappet covers, custom radiator grille

CX500F Concept Cafe Racer by Jason - Featured Build

CBR600RR front end, MAC 2-1, modified frame, monoshock conversion

CX500R - Featured Build

Bobber styled, 370lb, rectangular headlight

CX500RR: LINK Upswept, wrapped 2-2 exhausts, spoked wheels, CBR600RR front end, seat hump, black/red/white colour scheme, rear disc brake w/custom caliper bracket

"CX1" by Brother Moto - LINK

No mufflers, scrambler style, custom seat, frame cut, painted frame

"CXon Valdez" - Featured Build

2-1 exhaust, custom seat and tailpiece, pod filters, aftermarket controls/headlight/levers

Dallas Ziebell's CX500 - LINK Tank stripe, custom seat, black wrapped exhaust, silver engine/black tappet covers

"Dances With Trikes" GL500 - Featured Build

Trike conversion, bedliner paint job

David T's CX500 - LINK Wrapped 2-1 exhaust, black paint/brown seat, number decal on tank, side covers in situ, fork gaiters

Dek Design GL500 "The Warthog" - LINK Brushed steel look tank, wrapped and upswept 2-2 exhaust, GL500 rather than CX...

Doc's Chops CX500 - LINK Custom tank, 2-2 exhaust, drilled disc, black wheels, yellow headlight

Double Barrel Garage CX500 "Spike" - LINK 2-1 exhaust, black/silver tappet covers, custom seat/taillight, silver engine, black wheels

Eastern Spirit CX500 - LINK 2-2 exhaust, modified frame, fusebox relocated, LEDs in top triple clamp, clip-ons

Elias Dairis' CX400 - LINK 2-2 exhaust, red fork gaiters, Custom tank, custom seat, black engine/unpainted tappet covers

"Eve" - CX500 - Featured Build

2-2 exhaust, ivory tank, custom seat, black tappet covers, silver wheels, Murray's carbs

Filthy Cupcake - LINK

Scrambler style, 2-2 wrapped exhaust, knobby tyres, USD front end

Florian's CX400 - LINK Exhaust wrap, 2-1 with sportsbike can, speedo in fusebox cover, single mirror, side mounted temp gauge

Frank Guarini's CX650E Scrambler - Featured Build

Spoked wheels, original CX tank, YSS rear shock

Garage Project Motorcycles CX500/Justin's CX500 - LINK Wrapped 2-1 that exits under engine, GSX 1000RR forks, CBR1000 trees, Ninja rotors

Garret Dietz's CX500 - LINK Custom tank, custom seat, black, wrapped 2-2 shorty exhaust, silver engine/blacked out everything else, clip-ons

Gavin Clark's CX500 Cafe Racer - LINK

NTV650 single sided swingarm, underseat exhaust, Ducati Monster USD forks

GL400 Cafe Racer - LINK Black engine/silver rocker covers, pod filters, unwrapped 2-2 exhaust

"The Gentleman's Cafe" - Featured Build Link

CBR1000RR front end, rear disc brake, custom gauges, monoshock rear, 2-1 exhaust etc.!

GL400 Cafe Racer from Vietnam - LINK 2-2 exhaust - but single sided! Gold wheels, GSXR600 front end, CB400 brakes

GL650 Cafe Racer by Mantas Simanauskas - Featured Build
2-2 exhaust, custom paint scheme, custom seat/tailpiece, powdercoated frame/wheels

"Going Straight" GL500 by Wrench Kings - Link

2-2 exhaust, front end conversion, revised subframe

Graeme Dobbs' CX500 Cafe Racer - Featured Build

2-1 exhaust, USD front end swap

"Gulf Racer" by Howard Coop - Featured Build

Gulf themed, 2-2 exhaust, CRK bits, silver engine, aftermarket rocker covers

"Half Millenium Falcon" by Ken Finn - Featured Build

2-2 exhaust, CBR600RR front end conversion, modified subframe, Ducati tailpiece and seat

Herencia Custom Garage CX500 - LINK 2-1 exhaust, fork gaiters, relocated fusebox, black engine/silver tappet covers, black wheels

Heinz Christmann's CX500 - LINK

One-off tank, CBX550F front end swap, 2-2 wrapped upswept exhaust, custom fairing

"The Indian" GL500 - Featured Build

Indian replica, modified frame, plenty of custom work

"Italian Betty" - M8 Design: LINK and another LINK Modern sportsbike-style fat exhausts, black tappet covers, pod filters

Jesse's CX500 - LINK Wrapped 2-1 exhaust, CBR600RR front end, custom seat

Josh Mott Racing CX500 - LINK Underseat exhaust, tri-tone paintjob, before/after pics, video

Kingston Customs CX500 - LINK Bronze painted frame, Custom tank, pale exhaust wrap, 2-2 exhaust

Kustom Research CX500 - LINK Frame mods, white/black wheels, new subframe, tri-tone, 2-1 exhaust, black/dark grey engine

Lindsay Bodanza's CX500 - LINK Wrapped 2-2 exhaust, custom seat, vintage headlight, black flyscreen

"Low and Mean" - VIDEO LINK 2-2 exhaust, black tappet covers, black wheels, modified silver frame, flyscreen, two-tone tank

Mario's CX500 - LINK Wrapped 2-2 exhaust, colour matched side covers/tank, reverse Comstars, brown seat

"Made in Vietnam" CX650 - LINK Yamaha FZ1000 ('94) front end, custom made tank, bodywork and mufflers, CX650..!

"Matt's CX500" - LINK 2-1 exhaust, blue/white standard tank, black frame, black tappet covers, modified Ace bars

Michael's CX500 cafe - LINK Upswept 2-2 exhaust, bar end mirrors, heat wrap, shortened front fender, custom flyscreen

Modern Metal's CX500 Custom - "The Twisty Lady" - LINK
Upswept, wrapped 2-2 exhaust, chopped rear frame, bare metal look Custom tank

Monque Country Racer - LINK CX650E, modified frame, CX500 tank, handmade seat, modified Yamaha exhaust

"Morning Wood" - LINK Pale heat wrap, triangular headlight, unpainted tank, black tappet covers

Moto Motivo's CX500 - LINK Brown ceramic coated intake/tappet cover/exhaust, monoshock, custom tank, 2-1 exhaust, black engine

Motosynthesis - LINK 2-1 exhaust (black), spoked wheels, customised tank

Mr. Swallow's CX500 Custom - LINK 2-2 wrapped exhaust, two-tone tank with Honda wing emblem, drilled front discs, modified frame, bonkers huge indicators

Nathan's balcony-built CX500 - LINK Black engine, wrapped 2-2 exhausts scrambler style, modified frame, belt on tank...

"No Dice" CX500 bobber - LINK Black/bare tank with red pinstripe, hardtail bobber, silver engine, black wheels w/red pinstripe, video + photos (no photoshoot)

Noah Blum's CX500 - LINK Two-tone tank and tail, spoked wheels, wrapped 2-2 exhaust, rear disc brake, drilled discs front and rear

Nozem Amsterdam CX500 - LINK Custom tank, upswept 2-2 black exhaust, black engine, clip-ons

Pacific CX500 street scrambler - LINK Twin headlights, Custom tank, wrapped 2-2 exhaust, green tank/brown seat, silver engine/black tappet covers

Patrick Sauter's CX500 - LINK Wrapped 2-2 exhaust, folded blanket as seat (!), bare metal tank, lowered front end

Paul Dutra's Lucky 13 CX500 - LINK Undertail exhaust, CB650 forks/triple trees... only one photo, sadly

"Plastic Maggot" - Gertje's CX500 Cafe Racer - LINK

Rear monoshock with linkages, modified frame, USD front end

"Polina" by Lolana Motos - Featured Build

2-2 exhaust, new fairing, white wheels, custom seat

Purpose Built Moto's Signature CX500 - Featured Build

Custom exhaust, modified frame, spoked wheels, custom tailpiece

Ranger Green - Featured Build

Scrambler style, custom 2-1 exhaust, rear hoop, bash plate

Ray's GL650 cafe racer - LINK

2001 CBR929 front end, 2-2 exhaust, CBR929 rear shock, custom seat and tail, GL650 build!

"Reborn" by John Thompson - Featured Build

Bobber monoshock conversion, MAC 2-1 exhaust, custom paintjob

RGK Street Trail - LINK

Cross drilled discs, custom seat, grey motor, new bars

Richard's yard-build CX500 - LINK

Temp gauge in fusebox, shorty 2-2 exhaust, Murray's carbs, battery under engine

Rino Scala's CX500 - LINK

Metal flake painted tank, 2-2 exhaust, drilled front discs, relocated fusebox

Rive Gauche Customs CX500 Street Tracker - LINK, LINK2

Black 2-2 exhaust, custom seat, bare brass on radiator, gold (?) engine

Riverside Projects CX500 LINK

Wrapped 2-2 exhaust, modified frame, raised tank rear, black engine/wheels/final drive, silver tappet cover

Robinsons Speedshop CU29 CX500 - LINK

Corroded copper coated tank, wrapped 2-2 pipes, blacked out engine+wheels

Roel Scheffers' CX500 - LINK

Frame mods (!), monoshock rear, custom seat, 2-2 exhaust, light on detail but some reasonable pics

Sacha Lakic's CX500 - LINK

Monoshock, 2-1 with very interesting muffler, black engine, wire wheels, red USD forks

"Samantha" - Alexander Herold's CX500 - LINK

Wrapped 2-1 (?) exhaust, brown leather seat, two-tone side covers, before/after pics

Sampo's CX500 - LINK

Wrapped 2-2 exhaust, black wheels, seat hump, bar-end mirror

Sartorie Meccaniche Lido - LINK

Two-tone tank, no gauges, silver engine

"The Scrambler" - Featured Build

Custom paintjob, spoked wheels, 2-1 exhaust, custom seat, lightened flywheel

Steve Foster's CX500 - LINK Hyosung GT650R front end, replica Laverda SFC750 fairing, RFID ignition, orange paintjob

"Streetfighter" CX500 - Featured Build

Bobber, chopped rear end, MAC 2-1 wrapped exhaust, LED tail lights, minimalist gauges

"Super Deluxe" CX500 by Murray Feldman - Featured Build

Sleeper build - CX650C motor conversion, touring front end, blueprinted motor

"Superfly" CX500 - LINK

Street tracker, 2-2 exhaust, blacked out everything, Custom tank, custom seat

"Taco Bender" - LINK

Part-wrapped 2-1 exhaust, Hyosung GT600R front end, R1 rear monoshock, modified frame, rear wheel on front, drum brake and all (!)

Tadao Cern's CX500 - LINK

2-2 wrapped exhaust w/gold can, bare brass on radiator, matching tank/fender/caliper/can/underseat, mini flyscreen, Custom tank

"Testardo" - LINK

Street tracker style, Custom tank, fork gaiters, 2-2 exhaust, black tappet covers

"The Major's Machine" CX500 - Featured Build Link

Military-themed paintjob, custom leather seat+stitching, sidecovers retained, stock gauges in custom surround

"The Red" CX500 cafe racer - Featured Build

Open headers, custom rearsets, custom seat and tail section, custom tank

Tiago's CX500 - LINK

Two-tone paintjob (left/right!), wrapped 2-2 exhausts exiting under engine, electronic gauges

"Tokyo Sauce" - LINK

Non-english page, so name is a guess. Relocated fusebox, custom seat, 2-2 exhaust

Tommy's CX500 - LINK

Standard tank, black engine bars, bar end mirrors

"Top Gun" CX500 cafe racer - Featured Build

Tristan's Pepper White CX500 - LINK

Modified frame, mostly blacked out, 2-2 short exhaust, USD front end, Firestones

"Twister" by Wena Customs - LINK

Undertail wrapped exhaust, monoshock conversion, chopped frame, single piece tank/seat pan

Type 8 CX500 by Auto Fabrica - LINK

Customised tank, one-off 2-2 single sided exhaust, spoked rims, custom seat etc. etc.

Untitled CX500 - LINK

Custom tank, modified frame, GPS mount, bar end mirrors, hand-build leather seat

Untitled CX500 - LINK

Black 2-2 exhaust, silver engine, Custom tank, pod filters, relocated fusebox

Untitled CX500 by CusTom Eightyone - LINK

Wrapped 2-2 exhaust, white/brown/black colour scheme, custom seat, Firestone tyres

Untitled CX500 by Ironwood - LINK

Wrapped 2-2 exhaust, chopped frame, custom seat, silver engine

Untitled CX500 - LINK

2-2 exhaust, Custom tank, custom seat, silver tank stripe, black engine/silver tappet cover, Firestones

Untitled CX650 Chopper - Featured Build

45 degree rake, hardtail rear end, custom sprung seat

Untitled CX500 - LINK

Green tank w/white stripe, Custom tank, silver engine/black tappet covers, 2-2 exhaust, brown leather seat, sidecovers in situ

Untitled CX500 by Josh Deardorff - LINK

Custom 2-1 exhaust, USD front end, chopped frame, custom seat

Untitled CX500 by Michal Groniewski - LINK

Red frame, wrapped upswept exhaust, Reverse comstars

Wrenchmonkees CX500 - LINK Wrapped and upswept 2-2 exhaust, Custom tank, drilled front discs, solo seat, one-off gauges, much more

Builds threads, no photoshoots:

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Build Name:
Base Model:
Front End:
Front Brakes:
Rear Suspension:
Rear Brakes:
Engine Colour:
Rocker covers:
Frame modified?:
Frame colour:
Build Name Builder Type Base Model Front End Front Brakes Handlebars Rear Suspension Rear Brakes Footpegs Tank Wheels Carbs Engine Engine Colour Rocker Covers Frame modified? Frame colour Exhaust Where? Link Notes
26 Samantha Williams Cafe Racer CX500E Sports Stock Stock ? Wilber Monoshock Stock disc ? Eurosport Boomerang Comstars ? 497cc Black Silver Modified ? 2-2 United Kingdom Hand built exhaust Featured
Little Stranger 502 Moto Cafe Racer CX500 Stock Stock Clip-ons Twin shocks Stock drum ? Standard (Modified) CX650C or GL ? 497cc Silver Black Modified ? 2-1 Paiste cymbals in rear wheel, stretched swingarm LINK
All Business Greg Volkmann Cafe racer (Classic) CX500 Yamaha YZF-R1 (2005) Yamaha YZF-R1 (2005) Clip-ons Twin shocks Stock drum ? Standard Mixed Stock, pods 497cc Black, satin Polished Modified White 2-2 USA, California, Sacramento LINK CBR954RR triple trees, mixed wheels (Rev. Comstar on rear)
Alex Musskopf's Musskopf Moto Cafe Racer CX500 Custom 1982 CBR600RR CBR600RR Clip-ons Monoshock conversion Disc conversion Rearsets Custom Spoke Conversion Murray's Carbs 497cc Silver Black Modified Black 2-2, black USA, California, Sacramento Featured Build Seats two
CXon Valdez Graham Cafe Racer CX500 Shadow Stock Twin disc (stock), braided lines ? Stock Drum (stock) Stock Standard Comstars Keihin CV 497cc Black (Rustoleum) Silver Unmodified Frame Pewter (Rustoleum) 2-1, right exit Australia, Central Coast Featured Build -
Build Name Builder Type Base Model Front End Front Brakes Handlebars Rear Suspension Rear Brakes Footpegs Tank Wheels Carbs Engine Engine Colour Rocker Covers Frame modified? Frame Colour Exhaust Where? Link Notes
Build Name Builder Type Base Model Front End Front Brakes Handlebars Rear Suspension Rear Brakes Footpegs Tank Wheels Carbs Engine Engine Colour Rocker Covers Frame modified? Frame Colour Exhaust Where? Link Notes

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