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How to change the oil on a Honda CB125E?

Need to change the oil on your Honda CB125E? Here's how to do it.

Warm oil drains quicker and more completely - you're supposed to change the oil with the engine at normal operating temperature. After warming it up - 5 minutes of running should do it - put the bike on the center stand. Be careful of the hot engine, exhaust and oil! Also, when running the engine don't leave it idling inside a room, like a garage - best done outside. When the bike is warmed up we like to put the key(s) in a bag, or put them on a piece of paper saying "DON'T START, NO OIL" - if you get interrupted, forget or have a helper it reduces the chances of starting it dry and wrecking the engine. You'll mostly be working on the left side of the engine;

Photo of the left side of the engine - Honda CB125E GLH125SH

The oil drains out of the engine through the sump plug, which is usually located at the lowest point of the engine so that the oil can drain as fully as possible. Look beneath the engine serial number to find it.

Honda CB125E GLH125SH Sump Plug or oil drain plug photo

You need a 12mm socket or wrench to undo the drain bolt:

Photo of 12mm wrench used for Honda CB125E GLH125SH oil change

...and a container of at least 1L capacity to catch the used oil in:

Honda CB125E GLH125SH Oil Change drain pan or container

You should get about 800ml out of the engine in this sort of change... but better to have more capacity than not enough! Remove the dipstick:

Honda CB125E GLH125SH dipstick photo

Undo the drain bolt:

Honda CB125E GLH125SH oil drain bolt or sump plug location

Be aware that there's a crush washer between the bolt and the crankcase; you might drop it into the oil pan if you're not careful. Here comes the hot oil - watch out!

Honda CB125E GLH125SH oil change - oil draining into pan, photo

Honda CB125E GLH125SH oil change - oil pouring out again, photo

Almost exactly 800ml:

Honda CB125E GLH125SH - oil change - 800ml came out

Inspect the crush washer. For the cost of them - next to nothing - we tend to change them every oil change. Honda recommends every second change, or every change if it looks like it needs it.

Honda CB125E or GLH125SH - sump plug crush washer inspection

5 minutes is usually enough for the engine to drain; don't worry if there's still a few drips. Clean up the bolt and reinstall the washer + bolt:

Honda CB125E GLH125SH oil change - reinstalling the sump plug

Grab your torque wrench and set it to 30nm, or 22ft/lb:

Honda CB125E GLH125SH oil change, setting the torque wrench for the sump plug

Torque it:

Honda CB125E GLH125SH oil change - torquing up the sump plug

Measure out slightly less fresh oil than what you took out. For example, if you removed 800ml measure out 700ml... it's much easier to top it up than to remove the drain bolt again to remove some. Pour the fresh oil in through the dipstick hole:

Honda  CB125E oil change - pouring in fresh oil

Reinstall the dipstick, start the engine and let it run for 5 minutes. Turn it off, let it rest for a minute and check the oil level. It should require topping up a little; add some oil, repeat the process and re-check the level. Repeat until it's full. Check the underside of the engine for any oil leaks before you go anywhere, and certainly at least again after the first post-change ride!

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